AdSplash Networks

LocustWorld Adsplash is a wireless networking system used to provide sponsored internet services. End users get convenient instant access to the internet by clicking through the sponsor’s message. The sponsor delivers their message directly to the users, with close control over the content and comprehensive performance data to confirm the patterns of use.

Adsplash runs on the LocustWorld Wireless Mesh – a wide ranging wireless networking system that is used to provide public internet services. Controlled by the LocustWorld meshbox the operator can build wireless networks of any size that will offer sponsored internet access through the LocustWorld AdSplash system.

Adsplash can be used with several different business models. Sponsors can use the system to promote their brand to the public. The network operator can provide commercial advertising using Adsplash, earning revenues from selling the advertising space. Host organisations can use Adsplash to provide free managed internet to their visitors.

When the user connects to the wireless network running AdSplash, they are directed to the Sponsor’s message. Clicking the message will then authenticate the user, who is then directed to the advertisers web site. Once authenticated they can enjoy the internet for a given period, as defined by the operator. Unlike most internet based advertising, AdSplash is focused on specific key locations, so the sponsors know that all of their messages are delivered to an accurate target audience. The AdSplash system logs each session and allows the sponsor to rotate their message to avoid repeats and to follow a clear narrative.

AdSplash networks can work with a single sponsor, or work as an outlet for multiple advertisers who can all buy space on the system as an alternative to conventional display advertising.

Corporate organisations can use adsplash to offer free internet to visitors, who click to consent to the terms and conditions, and get a reminder that the service is provided as a courtesy service by the host organisation.

LocustWorld AdSplash networks have been installed in live outlets since 2011, with millions of sessions served to users in public spaces.

  • Ready made Solution

    Provide Sponsored Internet Service for Casual Users

  • 📣

    Brand Presence

    Brand Affinity, Commercial Advcertisers and Corporate Guest Services

  • 🕔

    Rationed Internet

    Each Session Provides a Given Ration of Internet Use, Time Used Online or Data Downloaded

  • 👍

    Click-thru Gating

    View the Sponsor’s Message to get Online

  • Advertising Space

    Operator Can Sell Commercial Advertising

  • Hospitality

    Corporate Organisations can provide Managed Access for Guests and Visitors

  • 🚀

    Big or Small

    Scalable to Any Network Size from 1-1000+ nodes

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